Battle of competitiveness in the face of globalised competition, cost control, regulatory pressure, evolution of jobs, race for innovation: our industries face an increasingly tough environment. But opportunities abound, thanks to digital transformation and the quality of our innovation ecosystem.

In these conditions, you need to know how to combine innovation, dedication and know-how in order to succeed in your projects.

At ABMI, we believe that it is necessary to go beyond these requirements. We believe that a successful project is more than a sum of skills and abilities. More than a standardised execution of specifications. More than just a contractual relationship.

A really successful project is first and foremost the fruit of a truly joint effort. Beyond expertise: a mutual understanding and affinity that enable a high level of commitment and success.

At ABMI, our teams work by your side with outstanding listening skills and versatility. Because we are fully aware of the issues you face. Because we share more than just your challenges. Because we demonstrate the same enthusiasm and passion as you do in order to successfully complete shared projects. Because we have an affinity with your company.

This mindset is a strength and asset that enables us to go further in succeeding with you.

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our history



As Computer-Aided Design revolutionises the automotive world, ABMI open its first location specializing in CAD in the Paris region. Rapidly reinforced by its internal CAD school, ABMI thus offers manufacturers the best of this technology.



To better serve its customers, our engineering consultancy widens its scope of expertise to include industrial vehicles and opens its first regional branch in Lyon to work jointly with Renault Véhicules Industriels (now Volvo Trucks).



ABMI, always endeavouring to provide its customers with the best support, proposes accompanying Faurecia in Germany. This was the start of our internationalisation, which continues to this day.



Seeking to accelerate its growth by establishing a foothold in Aviation, Energy and the Environment, ABMI opens new regional branches (Toulouse, Nantes, etc.), while continuing to pursue external growth targets. SYNERTECH (2002), ESSAIR (2003) and ATECI (2006) join the Group.



ABMI further improves its mechanical design offering and establishes itself in Bourgogne with the acquisition of BEAT. This external growth reinforces our image as an engineering specialist and brings in new customers such as AREVA and General Electric.



ABMI broadens its offering in the field of Industrial Installation Engineering and acquires ICCI. The group’s engineering provision henceforth covers automation and monitoring and control, particularly for the energy and water treatment markets.



Despite a complex financial and industrial environment, ABMI introduces a new strategy focussing on the added value of its services and the provision of “premium” service offerings (project management, lean manufacturing, cost reduction, etc.).
This strategic positioning, together with the experience gained, prepares us for collaboration with the Nestlé Group.



This independent, enduring and solid group invests in the future of industry with the creation of a research and innovation department. This work enables us to offer customers increasing added value at an early stage and propose internal projects that excite our engineers. This forms part of the virtuous circle that we continuously create for our customers and our teams.



In the world of electronics, ABMI surrounds itself with partners selected for their reliability and responsiveness. This enables us to offer a network of expertise that complements our own, ensuring the increasingly connected development of industrial products and equipment.

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