How can employees at the Tereos factory in Thumeries avoid developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)? How can the optimal postures which guarantee productivity and well-being be identified? By using a tool developed by ABMI as part of its "Supporting the process through innovation" research.


SyNErgo, our own mobile ergonomic analysis system (Système Nomade d’analyse Ergonomique), conducts biomechanical analysis by sensing movement. SyNErgo's post-processing software generates an analysis of movements made and their medium- and long-term consequences on the health of employees. Ergonomists can thus reduce their analysis time in order to focus on researching and studying optimisation solutions.


The project team consisted of a technical engineer trained to use the tool and a doctor of biomechanics. We also set up an awareness day for operators. Using the Synergo system, we gave an entertaining real-time presentation of the ergonomic risks of the different working postures.


In addition to our new SyNErgo tool raising Tereos employees' awareness of the risks of MSD, our team helped to significantly improve working conditions. After an in-depth analysis of movements, we proposed solutions for improving ergonomics and the comfort of the factory workers.