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“We needed much more than good engineers and technicians. ABMI understood our needs and challenged us so that we could successfully carry out our major project. “

Gabriel M. - RATP Operation and Engineering Project Manager


RATP had very specific requirements when looking for someone to help extend line 11 of the Parisian underground system. The state-owned public transport operator asked ABMI to provide a professional who was an expert in civil engineering, urban engineering and architecture and an experienced project manager able to work closely with prime contractor Systra. Our challenge was to find an experienced professional able to play this pivotal role with complete autonomy.


Our ability to understand and communicate with our client and dedicate time to them before our bid had even been accepted set us apart from our competitors. For example, our extensive pool of competencies enabled us to put forward several potential employees to fulfil the role before we were even chosen as a partner. This human contact, which is a priority for us at ABMI, clearly made the difference.


We found an expert, a former factory manager, who was able to help the infrastructures project manager to monitor studies and preparatory work in four underground stations, tunnels and ancillary works. The expert worked directly on the RATP site with the existing teams to provide hands-on technical support on a day-to-day basis. He was also able to rely on experts from the ABMI group for specific issues.


Our expert integrated quickly and provided an essential link between RATP, the project owner and SYSTRA, the prime contractor. His independent position facilitated the relationship between the two rail operators RATP and SNCF, of which Systra is a joint subsidiary. His experience also enabled him to provide overall guidance, which was useful for meeting the various milestones during this multi-year project with high technical constraints and which involved the coordination of numerous trades and contacts.

RATP - Line 11