Manage nuclear power station maintenance by minimising the outage time for each unit in operation while ensuring maximum safety? This is the challenge EDF trusted us to tackle thanks to our 17 years' experience in producing pressurisation-specific tools.


We developed an innovative semi-automatic tool which keeps circuits pressurised while disconnected during unit outages. This prevents damage to the systems and ensures that they can be quickly put back into operation, saving precious time for EDF.


A project manager and two technicians designed this new type of tool in four months. We then called on our network of certified partners who specialise in electricity and automatic control to produce the tool. We were able to deliver an original comprehensive solution.


The tool was delivered, tested, approved... and adopted. EDF was so impressed with our solution that they ordered a set of 18 machines to equip all their nuclear power stations in operation in France. ABMI teams are proud to have contributed, at their level, to improving the safety of French nuclear power stations.