How can an obsolete effluent buffer tank be replaced without interrupting the operation of the treatment plant, in a restricted space and without constructing a new building? And within a strict budget and time frame?


Our teams found a solution that is both safe and economical: the construction of an above-ground tank. Its stainless steel, double-wall construction ensured optimum safety and there was no need to bury the tank or carry out additional civil engineering studies. We delivered the solution on time and our client Areva was able to continue operating the site without interruption.


We called on two members of the team who had been working at that particular Areva site since 2005: an engineer who is an expert in boiler and piping equipment and a technician with experience in the same areas. Their excellent knowledge of the site enabled them to propose an innovative solution.


The buffer tank was installed within the scheduled time frame and safely brought into operation. For Areva, using our services allowed them to concentrate on their core business while we provided them with the means to ensure continued production.