At ABMI, the engineering expertise we’ve acquired over the past 35 years gives us the experience we need to provide industries with the support they need. Our highly developed listening skills, high standards and flexibility enable us to work closely and effectively with you.
Our teams, made up of doctors, engineers and technicians, will meet your requirements of analysis, research and development, operational performance, control, maintenance and infrastructure. We are active in the most complex fields from 15 locations throughout Europe and can also work within your organisation.
Innovation centric and experts in project management, our 700 employees can offer you tailored solutions. They are involved in Product Engineering, Process Engineering and Industrial Installation Engineering. Our global and integrated approach will bring high added value to your endeavours.

Product engineering your custom-built success

Product design is ABMI’s core business and represents our greatest expertise. We have the capacity to meet all of your R&D, study, CAD, simulation, prototyping, procurement, quality, process integration and project management requirements. A real affinity with you enables us to provide you with appropriate, comprehensive solutions in mechanics, mechatronics, plastics and electronics from the concept phase to the production phase.

Our commitment

A thorough understanding of the challenges you face, while anticipating market and production constraints, in order to provide you with a unique solution that is the key to your success.

Process engineering a winning man-machine combination

We believe that the best form of production organisation, a natural extension of product engineering, combines the best that man and machine have to offerhas to offer. We strive to improve quality, reduce costs, optimize logistics, create or adapt manufacturing or assembly lines at existing industrial sites or sites whose construction is underway, make work less onerous and improve operator safety. We develop creative solutions to exacting standards for all of your manufacturing challenges.

Our commitment

Succeed in transforming processes by targeting human, financial and industrial progress to assure you the competitive edge.

Industrial installation efficiency from the outset

Civil engineering, HVAC, piping, boiler-making, metal structures, pressure vessels, lifting equipment, electrical instrumentation and control various roadway networks, procurement, expediting, testing, project management:, ABMI offers you all the expertise necessary for your success. Our teams take up the most complex challenges in terms of design, commissioning or the maintenance of large, new generation industrial installations, etc. We operate from our centres of expertise or directly at your site, in symbiosis with your teams. We build high performance, eco-efficient factories to ever more exacting standards of safety and security, with you and for you.

Our commitment

Provide you with optimal solutions within the time frame agreed through our thorough understanding of your needs and the constraints you face and the application of our exacting standards.